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When most Nigerian homeowners buy new furniture, they only consider two factors when making their decision: price and design. While these are important, they are not the only factors to determine the furniture choices.

The same topic is different for an individual moving into a new home- which may be exciting and thus represents a huge milestone in the life of the individual. But how to choose the right furniture? You need furniture that not only satisfies your needs, but also addresses your wants and budget. If you are struggling to find the perfect furniture for your living roombedroom or any other space in your home, these 7 tips will help you decide how to choose the perfect furniture for your new home!

1. Select a theme

Before you start looking for specific pieces of furniture, the first thing you should do is pick an appropriate theme. A theme comprises of color, ambient, style and personality. Instead of approaching each individual room in your home separately, you should pick a design style and apply it to every room in the house to create a cohesive design. By choosing a theme, you make it that much easier for yourself to choose furniture that compliments each other. You need to make sure that every piece of furniture in your home complements each other, and picking a central theme is the easiest way to do that.

2. Pay Attention to Textile and Texture

After you have picked your ideal theme and now you are ready to begin shopping for furniture, the next thing you should consider is what each piece of furniture is made out of. The textiles and textures of a sofa, chair or bedroom set are an extremely important factor that every homeowner should consider. This is because certain textiles and textures last longer than others. Purchasing furniture that will last as long as possible should be your number one priority when choosing furniture, this invariably will affect your budget. The textiles and textures are a great indicator of how long your furniture will last (Read why luxury furniture is worth the fuss)

3. Decide On Your Budget

It is crucial to set a budget for your furniture spending. If you overspend on some pieces you may have a partially empty house by the time your funds run out! It is important to take an honest look at your finances and see what you have available to spend on furniture.

Perhaps take an assessment of the basic pieces to outfit each room – living room, dining room, bedrooms, and storage pieces. Then, take a quick look at a popular furniture website and add together prices for these pieces. What you actually spend may be a bit different – however, this framework will allow you to keep your budget on track. You may also want to keep in mind that you may want to purchase accessories – side tables and chairs, art and decor.

Once you have been able to carefully get all these factors in place, you are begin your journey of creating a beautify home for yourself-one you will be proud of!

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